How to Change Custom Post Type Slug in WordPress

What is post slug

A post slug is a unique identifier for a specific blog post on a WordPress website. It is a part of the URL for the post and is typically created by converting the post title into a shorter, more SEO-friendly version. The post slug is used to identify the post within the WordPress database and to create the post’s permalink, which is the permanent URL for the post. The post slug can be modified or customized by the user, but it is important to choose a descriptive and relevant slug to improve the SEO and readability of the post.

To change the slug of a custom post type in WordPress, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Navigate to “Settings” and then “Permalinks.”
  3. Scroll down to the “Custom Post Type Permalinks” section.
  4. Find the custom post type you want to change the slug for and click “Edit.”
  5. Type in the new slug you want to use in the “Slug” field.
  6. Click “Save Changes.”

Keep in mind that changing the slug of a custom post type will also change the URLs of all existing posts within that post type. It is recommended to use a plugin like Redirection to automatically redirect the old URLs to the new ones after making this change.

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