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Shared Hosting VS WordPress Hosting | Which plan is best for you?

There are many things to consider when hosting a WordPress website.
At first glance, it seems pretty simple, but there are choices to be made once you decide. One alternative is whether to run WordPress on shared hosting or WordPress hosting. Before determining this, let’s have a look at what these options are.

What is Shared Hosting

With shared hosting, WordPress runs on the same server as other websites that share the same resource: memory and CPU. If one site experiences a surge in traffic and uses more than its quota of resources (memory/CPU), then problems may occur for all sites on that server, perhaps even causing downtime for those other sites. The entire point of WordPress is to fix this problem!

What is WordPress Hosting

When WordPress is running on WordPress hosting, WordPress manages all resources it uses. In other words, The website owner (you) need not worry about the server or any of its technical specifics; upload your WordPress files, and that’s pretty much it.
Now you know what “shared hosting” vs. “WordPress hosting” are, but which one is better? Well, this depends on several factors:

What sort of project is WordPress for? If it will be a simple blog with no complex functionality, then shared hosting may be suitable for you. If your WordPress site requires more advanced features such as online forms, eCommerce, etc., then WordPress hosting is better.


What is your budget? Shared hosting WordPress may be free (e.g., or paid (e.g., WordPress paid to host); WordPress hosting generally costs more than shared hosting, but it often includes other features that make the extra cost worthwhile.

How much knowledge do you have about WordPress and server management? Are you able to manage WordPress yourself, including uploading themes/plugins which require FTP access? If so, then shared hosting is probably fine for you; if not, however, WordPress hosting may be better as it requires less technical know-how on your part to run successfully.

Overall, WordPress can use many types of servers: shared hosting vs. WordPress hosting. There are pros and cons to both options that you must consider when deciding which WordPress hosting method will be the most successful for your WordPress website. Now you know what WordPress hosting is, what shared hosting WordPress is, and how they differ. This knowledge will help you when choosing the WordPress service provider for your WordPress project.

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